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Copperhead Tracer Wire Gains Utility Approval

Two of the Copperhead Copper-clad Steel tracer wire range, distributed exclusively in New Zealand through Utility Location Services, have gained approval from two of New Zealand's major Utility's for use on their infrastructure.

Vector Limited have approved Copperhead 12 AWG High Strength tracer wire for use on the their gas distribution network. "After a comprehensive review and trial installation, Vector have given technical approval for the use of our Copperhead tracer wire product on their infrastructure", said Innes Fisher, Managing Director at Utility Location Services.

In a second approval, Watercare Services Ltd, who manage the water service infrastructure for the Auckland region, have added Copperhead SoloShot Extra High Strength tracer wire to their list of "Accepted Materials".

"These approvals recognise the quality of the Copperhead product range and the value of a tracer wire that has been engineered to meet the demanding conditions of modern underground services installation methods", says Innes Fisher.

The Copperhead Tracer Wire system includes a wide range of tracer wire gauges, as well as test stations, connectors and grounding points, all engineered to provide an effective and long term way of locating non-conductive underground services.

To learn more about the Copperhead Tracer Wire System, contact Utility Location Services.
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After making do with a cobbled together website we're excited to finally have got to work on a bigger and brighter site. Over the coming weeks and months we'll be adding more content and some very exciting new features.

Whatever your interest in underground service location, either as a client or as someone from our industry, we hope you'll find valuable and informative content here on the ULS website.

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