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Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions set out all the requirements, limits and conditions under which ULS will provide any service or product. It is important that you understand these before we start work. By their very nature, the terms and conditions are a legal document and while ULS doesn't wish to hide behind these conditions, there are certain restrictions and limits on liability that you as a client need to understand. Please read the terms carefully so that you are fully informed, understand them and agree to them before engaging ULS to provide any services.

To help with interpretation, some of the following questions and answers might help.

Do you guarantee that all services will be located?

Unfortunately, locating underground services and assets can be influenced by many things. Often these are out of the control of the ULS. We will employee best endeavours to locate the service or services that you have engaged ULS to find. However, we can not guarantee that ULS will be able to find all underground services and for those that are found, that their exact location has been correctly determined.

Will ULS obtain all required plans and permits?

If the requested location site is entirely on private or commercial property, ULS will help by obtaining any plans for services that enter from the road or public space. If the location site is a public place, in particular, on any public road, footpath, berm or road reserve, then you must obtain all the necessary service plans and permits. Generally, this would mean making a request through the
beforeUDig website for all affected Utility Operators to provide known services in the area.

Do I need to mark the area to be checked?

Yes. Properly defining the area that needs to be checked is important. It will ensure that ULS covers the area that you are interested in and you don't pay for more than is required. The preferred method of marking out is by indicating with some form of white marker the boundaries of the location area. This might be temporary white marker paint, flags, posts or stakes (being careful not to damage any services). This should be completed before we come to site, but can be done in conjunction with ULS on the day if you or someone you've approved to act on your behalf is present.

When do I have to pay?

Our standard payment terms are 14 business days from the date of the invoice you receive or if you have an approved trade account with ULS, the 20th of the month following the date of invoice unless we've agreed to something different.

If you don't pay on time we have the option of charging interest on the outstanding amount but we hope it never comes to that.

Updated Version - V1.2

Our Terms and Conditions have changed. Please be aware that some conditions have changed in particular regarding payment periods.