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Looking for underground cables and pipes?

If you need to find underground services like power cables, gas lines, phone circuits, or water services, Utility Location Services can help.

At ULS, we specialise in locating underground assets and infrastructure.

Whether it's a low-voltage power cable in your front lawn or a mission-critical pipeline, we have the expertise and capability to find and map them.

Locating, tracing, and mapping underground services and assets is our core business. It's what we've done since day one. 

We offer a professional utility location service that is helping to set the standard in New Zealand for damage prevention.

At ULS, we believe in being the best at what we do.

We've invested in advanced utility location and surveying equipment, our Locators complete industry recognised training and we measure our skills against international standards.

ULS offers a comprehensive range of services to locate your underground utilities and infrastructure, as well as the capability to complete survey quality mapping for as-laid plans.

ULS also advises on utility location and damage prevention to New Zealand and international clients.

Is your Locator Certified?

If not, they should be. In New Zealand, there is no requirement for a Utility Locator to be qualified. At ULS we think that's an unacceptable risk. To become a professional Locator requires technical training and months of field supervision. That's why we've committed to make every ULS locator a certified Locator.

By engaging a certified Locator, you have an assurance they have an understanding of the theory of locating and sufficient field experience to be able to follow a sound process. 

Solid technical knowledge and practical field experience result in a better outcome for every ULS client. 

Find out more about certification here.

Ask your current Locator: Are you certified?

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