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COVID-19 Alert Level 2 and 3 Utility Location

While providing utility location services under current 'in-place' COVID-19 Alert Levels, ULS will operate under the most up-to-date COVID-19 Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations protocol as issued by CHASNZ.

The changes required for our method of operation while onsite and actively locating underground services will impact the way we work. ULS often works on construction and civil sites under the control of a head contractor. We will expect to be able to meet our minimum COVID-19 health and safety practices at all sites attended.

Alert Level 3 - Auckland:   Feb 15 2021 -  Currently with Auckland at Alert level 3 our ability to operate will be limited to essential work only. Unless our clients can clear show they are approved to continue to work under Level 3 restriction any planned work will be delayed until a change to level 2 or 1 occurs.

Alert Level 2 - Waikato: Feb 15 2021 - At Alert Level 2 we are still able to provide normal services provided we meet the restrictions imposed under Level 2.

Contact tracking under Level 2 is essential. ULS will fully participate in the recording of our presence on site. ULS also expects to be able to record details of dates, times, locations and individual contacts at each job we complete.

For any site visit requiring a Site Specific Induction, ULS expects to be able to complete this online or in a manner the allows for appropriate social distancing. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of ULS personnel while onsite falls jointly with the PCBUs involved in each job.

If you have any questions about providing services under the current national Alert Level, please call us on 0800 872 2348 or contact us through our online form.