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The goal of any utility locate is to identify the buried service or services in a given area so that they can be protected during excavation or taken into account during the design phase of a civil engineering project. The best possible outcome of that locate is no utility ...
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When I was still at primary school, a long time ago, I recall complaining to my Dad on a wet and rainy day that we couldn't get a ride to school. His reply was "Son, you're not water-soluble" as he handed me a raincoat. As far as I know, my solubility properties haven't chan...
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Paul Rodgers, ULS Auckland owner and Locator has joined a small group of New Zealand professional Locators in achieving certification under the beforeUdig Certified Locator programme. It's an oustanding achievement for any individual to achieve this certification. It recogni...
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I wrote an article for the 2019 special edition of the Damage Prevention Professional Magazine entitled ROI on Making Underground Facilities Locatable in which I discuss the economic cost of not making underground assets traceable. The article focused on the impact...
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