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Rain, Rain Go Away ... Locating in bad weather

When I was still at primary school, a long time ago, I recall complaining to my Dad on a wet and rainy day that we couldn't get a ride to school. His reply was "Son, you're not water-soluble" as he handed me a raincoat. As far as I know, my solubility properties haven't changed since then. Which brings me to writing this blog on a very wet day while stuck in the office. Wet weather is not a Locator's friend, and it has nothing to do with not wanting to work in the rain or a fear of getting wet. ...

July 8, 2020

Five Tips For a Better Locate Outcome

The goal of any utility locate is to identify the buried service or services in a given area so that they can be protected during excavation or taken into account during the design phase of a civil engineering project. The best possible outcome of that locate is no utility strikes during the dig and no surprises when construction is underway. There are many factors which can influence the outcome of a given locate. You can control some, while others are environmental and you can do little to ov...

April 20, 2020

ULS Locator Achieves NZ Certification

Paul Rodgers, ULS Auckland owner and Locator has joined a small group of New Zealand professional Locators in achieving certification under the beforeUdig Certified Locator programme. It's an oustanding achievement for any individual to achieve this certification. It recognises his knowledge and skill in key areas of underground service location using electromagnetic detection techniques. Paul's commitment to study and training under the mentorship of ULS NZ now puts him in a elite group of Loca...

April 6, 2020

The Economic Cost of Poor Traceability

I wrote an article for the 2019 special edition of the Damage Prevention Professional Magazine entitled ROI on Making Underground Facilities Locatable in which I discuss the economic cost of not making underground assets traceable. The article focused on the impact of poor traceability of non-conductive buried assets like plastic gas pipes and fibre optic cables or ducts. At a rough guess, difficult service locates are costing the New Zealand economy hundreds of thousands of dollars an...

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