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Things that make you go Hmmmm?

Each month we'll be featuring a case we've found in the field where we've had to go Hmmm and wonder what someone was thinking, whether they realised how close they came to a service strike, or we were just left scratching our head.

April 2020 - Great Connection

This is an oldie from the archives of things that made us scratch our heads. 

While locating a section of gas pipe on a private campus, it was the EM trace signal on the tracer wire abruptly ended. The signal was excellent up to a certain point, and an EM signal could be induced back from the far end of the gas pipe where it came up to a pressure reduction riser.

As always it's essential in our process to verify and establish that we're on the right track. With a bit of careful hand digging at the place where the excellent signal ended, we found this.
Not the best way to connect two sections of tracer wire. While a signal can be made to jump breaks in tracer wire, it comes with risks. 

We think maybe it was a Friday afternoon when it came time to run the tracer and backfill the trench.

Kont in yellow tracer wire

How not to connect tracer wire.

Images from the Field

Below are photos taken during field work by ULS Locators. Not all of them a necessarily technical or even specifically relating to locating.  Our work and travels takes us to some great places, make us smile, give us a laugh, or present a situation that was just worth recording.