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OSH Guide for Safety With Underground Services - 2002

A guide issued by Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), a section of the Department of Labour, in 2002 on working safely around underground services. This document contains the convention for the colour of underground services and the symbols to be used. Refer to Section 34 Duct Colours, Surface Marking Colours and Symbols on page 28.

Radiodetection RD8100 PTLG Internal GPS Field Trial

As part of a field trial of the new Radiodetection RD8100 PTLG we logged cable positions and depths at intervals that had already been determined. The internal GPS feature of the RD8100 enabled to capture the position of the observation.

The same positions were also captured using a Leica GS08+ GNSS receiver with RTK corrections as a normal part of the project.

The two Google Earth KML files contained in the downloadble zip file have been generated from the results of that trial to show the horizontal variation possible between the RD8100 and a survey grade GNSS unit in a typical urban field environment.