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Locating Underground Services

There's a complex network of underground assets delivering services to homes, businesses, factories, and campuses around New Zealand. Every day, those services are at risk because of poorly planned and executed excavation and construction.

Damage to underground services can be more than just inconvenient. 

Going without water for a few hours, or ultra-fast broadband for several days may be annoying, but damaging a high voltage power cable or a strategic gas pipeline comes with severe consequences and costs.

Reduce your risk of underground service strikes by engaging ULS. 

We provide a comprehensive set of capabilities to help you understand what's underground before you start digging.

5 Reasons You Need a Locate

  • Health and Safety: utility strikes can kill and injure,
  • Cost: damage repairs and or downtime can be costly,
  • Responsibility: you have a duty of care to your workers and the public,
  • Liability: poor excavation practices may make you liable for damages or prosecution, and
  • Business Image: significant and public utility strikes are bad news for your business.

A Complete Utility Tracing Service

At ULS we provide a full and comprehensive service to locate, identify and map all underground pipes, cables and assets.

Talk to us about locating underground assets or infrastructure for your next project. We can advise on the best approach, limitations and issues, and use our years of experience, industry knowledge, and advanced tools to complete the work. 

ULS: your partner in Utility Locating

Civil works usually involve breaking ground. Before you do, you need to be sure you know what underground services exist and what you're likely to uncover during excavation.

As a civil contractor, you have a duty of care to your staff, members of the public, and other contractors, to reduce the risk of utility strikes during civil works.

Civil works contracts usually require you to determine and confirm the location of underground services before work starts. It makes sense to check as early in the project cycle as possible. Knowing where services are at the design stage can help avoid substantial unplanned costs and unnecessary downtime.

Underground service pre-screen

Campuses, including schools, technical institutes, and universities have a web of complex underground services.

Whether good plans and records exist or not, knowing where services are before construction or excavation starts is vital. Shutting down your site because someone failed to identify and confirm the location of underground facilities is not an option.

Inadequate or missing as-laid utility records could make your campus culpable in an underground service strike. If your campus as-built records are out-of-date, are poorly maintained or simply non-existent. Holding your contractors entirely to blame is no longer acceptable.

Underground services at Primary School

Industrial sites present a special case when it comes to underground services and assets.

Over years the complex web of underground pipes, cables and ducts, will grow, be replaced and changed as business needs require.

Poor or non-existent facility underground service plans are common place.

When your business depends on underground infrastructure don't leave it to chance. Avoid unnecessary down time by knowing where your assets are. You have a responsibility to those contractors on-site carrying out excavation to ensure they aren't harmed by your poor record keeping.

Underground services at powerstation

Underground services are often unrecorded inside your property boundary.  Utility owners may keep records up to your fence, but after that, anything goes.

If you're digging at home, you do need to know where your underground services are. Damaging a power cable or gas pipe can be dangerous, and you'll generally be liable for the cost of the repairs that are required.

If you're replacing a boundary fence, you should know where underground services cross into your property. Careless hand digging can damage a pipe or cable, but when your post-hole borer hits that electrical cable or gas pipe, things get serious.

Gas line location for new fence

How we help our clients

At ULS, we offer a range of services to help our clients identify and map underground services and assets. 

Our commitment is to protect you, your staff, and the underground services you are working around.

We offer:

  • Precision locating and marking of underground services,
  • Mapping and as-laid plan preparation,
  • Utility location consultancy and advisory services, and
  • Utility plan collation and desktop conflict reviews.
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